Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What is LV?

A1- LV is the most convenient way to do your dry cleaning and laundry. Using our call centre number, website or mobile phone app, you are able to request an immediate pickup or schedule one for any time between 8 AM to 10 PM and Midnight, any day of the week, to do your laundry and dry cleaning. We’ll come, pick up your clothes, and do all the cleaning. When your clothes are ready, we’ll send you a notification on the app, and you can schedule an immediate delivery or schedule one at a time that’s convenient for you.

Q2- How do I schedule my first order with LV ?

A2- You can schedule your first LV pickup by clicking on booknow button from our website or calling us on our booking telephone number(9711182023) If you have any difficulties, feel free to call us or write us on our experts always happy to help you.

Q3 What are the hours of operation?

A3- We pickup and deliver orders everyday between 8 am to 10 pm.

Q4 Does LV offer alterations?

A4- We will inspect each dry clean item both before and after cleaning to look for minor issues like broken or missing buttons and will do our best to fix these up for you.

We do not currently offer more detailed alterations and repairs but are working on offering this service soon. If you want to check in on our process, please email us at

Q5 How do I see my past orders / order history?

A5- In website once you login you can see it underneath your open orders, you’ll see a link for order history. Use the filter on the top right part of the screen to find the specific order you’re looking for!

Q6- Is there any minimum order Value for Wash & Fold?

A6-Yes for Wash and fold, the minimum order value is Rs.200, we will also accept orders less than Rs.200 order value, but we will charge 200 rupees.

Q7- Is there any minimum order value for Wash & Iron.

A7-Yes for Wash and Iron, the minimum order value is Rs. 200, we will also accept orders less than Rs.200 order value, but we will charge 200 rupees.

Q8 Why am I waitlisted?

A8- LV is working on expanding into new neighborhoods. Right now if you are on the wait list, it is because we are not currently servicing your neighborhood. Sign up on our website and we will email you when we are in your area and you can schedule your first pick-up.

Q9-Will you remind me that you are coming by?

A9-Yes !you can expect a text reminder before 30 minutes of scheduled time.

Q10-What is your turnaround time ?

A10-We take 48 hrs for laundry and 72 hrs for Dry cleaning, In case of urgency, we will make special arrangements.

Q11- Do you provide Express delivery or process urgent orders.

A11- Yes- We do provide express delivery and urgent orders on weekdays except Saturday &Sunday’s with 50% extra charge on next day delivery,100% extra on same day delivery.

Q12How to contact Laundry village in case of query/Complaint.

A12-We are always happy to hear you on our call center number, or mail us on

Q13- Can I give you more clothes at the time of drop off ?

A13- Yes- In fact many of our customer give us more clothes for cleaning every time we come by. Its all depends on your preferences. If you are consistently giving us new clothes every time we come by to deliver your processed clothes, we are happy to provide an extra 10% discount on your total bill amount.

Q14- What if I need to cancel my Order with LV?

A14- No worries- we know it happens. Simply text, whatsapp or call on our call center number prior to 2 hours before, this would help us in better optimization of resources.

Q15- Is it possible to have my clothes delivered to an alternate address?

A15 Yes- We can if address is permanently change as your delivery address for next order, If not we want prior intimation before 4 hours to scheduled delivery time.

Q16- What is the best way for me to tell my friends about Laundry Village?

A16- This is one our Favorite questions. We are excited that you have enjoyed your experienced at Laundry Village to share the Love with your friends. The best way to tell your friends is to visit our share page and send your friends your custom link. You will receive 50 INR in LV credit for each credit for each friend to get sign up for LV once they complete their first transaction(they will also have a discount of 50 INR credit to get started thanks to you). We have found most effective ways to spread the word are by e-mailing your custom link to directly to people you may know could benefit from some clean cloth and peace of mind, or share more broadly on Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin,Snapchat,Pinrest…..

Q17- How can I get everyone in my apartment building to use Laundry Village ?
A17- we are always looking for Apartment Ambassadors who can help us spread the word.
Since every apartment building is different, and the norms within those buildings are different, we are open to any suggestions you have. Let us know how we can help you share the love and we will make it happen! E-mail with any ideas or suggestions you have, or if you’re interested in a custom partnership with Laundry village.

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